Cas Lemmens


Nike FuelStation Kinect London Boxpark

A few months ago, a pop up mall appeared in Shoreditch. It’s called Boxpark and it’s a few blocks from my work. Since it’s so close, we visited quite frequently for some late shopping or healthy lunches. The only store that wasn’t that impressive, was the Nike+ store. Up until a few weeks ago, it remained closed, giving us a countdown to an unknown date from the outside. 

And now just recently, it finally opened, and you can see why it took them so long. The Nike+ shop in Boxpark is a overwhelming experience once you go in. Although it’s quite small (3 containers I think), it has some impressive features:

  • Digital Mannequins – motion sensitive intelligent mirrors that reveal film footage of local runners wearing key products from the store
  • Interactive Touch Screens – providing consumers with information about Nike+ products, Nike+ Run Club sessions and products
  • Weekly Nike+ Run Club – free running club open to all East London runners
  • Physio and Nutritionist Services – free regular consultations with physios and nutritionists for Nike+ Run Club members
  • Gait Analysis – in-store treadmill to allow consumers to purchase the right shoe for their running style
  • Nike+ FuelBand Interactive Experience – a motion sensitive installation where consumers see a life-size, digitized reflection on an LCD wall that reacts to movement to create a stunning piece of digital art that can be shared with friends via social networks

The Nike+ store is a great example of what a pop up store should do: experiment with new features, new things to do with your brand, take it further than only the shop and see how it catches on. And if it does, bring it to your existing stores.

If you’re close, definitely pay it a visit. You won’t be disappointed.