Cas Lemmens


Internet of Things Kevin Kelly RFID NSC 4G smartphone technology inforgraphic

I’ve always been a big fan of the Internet of Things, especially after Kevin Kelly’s TED lecture a few years back. After seeing this nice infographic done by Intel, I can only acknowledge we’re still in a very early stage of this idea.

Most types of devices you see (check the top right corner) are display devices, meaning they’ll present online content on a display, either “raw” as in a browser, or translated to an application like a game or a navigation system.

The real power of the Internet of Things will come when less obvious objects are connected to the internet. For example shoes, fridges, coffee machines, wardrobes, tooth brushes, doors, light switches… I’m sure there are shoes that go online already (Nike+ for example), coffee machines that make coffee based on the weather found online, tooth brushes that share your amount of turns and light switches that you can switch on and off from your smartphone. Yet these are hardly mainstream nor have they unveiled the true potential of the Internet Of Things.

If you think about all new technologies that are coming up in the coming months: 4G networks, RFID or NFC particularly, better face, object and voice recognition, … Combining that with faster processors, high resolution displays, longer battery life, … And putting that all into more objects we use every day, I think you can agree we’ve got some very exciting times ahead of us! The Internet of Things has only just started…